Mayor Pro Tem





Raul Elias
6615 Passons Boulevard
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
(562) 801-4371 
Monday through Friday - 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Raul Elias is a product of Pico Rivera attending South Ranchito, North Park Middle School and graduating from El Rancho High School in 1968. Raul is also a product of Pico Rivera’s athletic program where he was designated an all-star in every sport at North Park Middle School. Since the age of 12, Raul’s only goal in life was to play football at El Rancho High School and receive a football scholarship which he accomplished attending Cal-State Fullerton on a full athletic scholarship. After 29 years in business, Raul acted on his plan to return to the city and school district that taught him about character, courage and instilled outstanding work ethic that secured him a college education and a successful business career. Raul in his 14 year teaching career has developed an outstanding reputation as a teacher that is widely respected by his students. 

“I owe parents the best education I can deliver to their children. I also owe my city the best educational system and city government in the country.  I can now concentrate on the latter improving our city government."

Mr. Raul Elias was elected to the City of Pico Rivera City Council in November 2018.  His term will expire in 2022.