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Owner Occupied Rehabilitation

Can I get a grant and a loan?

No, the City currently offers loans for qualifying applicants. Grants are not available.

What types of home repairs and improvements are eligible for the program?

No luxury upgrades are allowed. Eligible repairs and improvements include:

  1. Repairs that correct code violations, such as:
    • Exterior painting
    • Re-roofing
  2. Repairs that improve the safety and security of the occupants, such as:
    • Electrical upgraded
    • Heating
    • Plumbing
    • Roofing
    • Windows
    • Insulation
  3. Repairs and modifications to make a house more supportive of a disabled occupant, such as:
    • Access ramps
    • Grab bars
    • Door widening
  4. Repairs and modifications to make a house more engergy efficient, such as:  a. Energy efficient windows
    • Insulation
    • Weatherization

If I am approved for a loan, can I get someone I know to do the work?

The homeowner is responsible for selecting a general (B) licensed contractor for the project. The City's involvement in the contractor selection process is only to provide guidance to the homeowner, and answer pertinent questions. The City does not select the contractor on behalf of the homeowner. The Contractor must have a valid California Contractor’s License as required for the license category in which they are going to be working. They must also have a current City of Pico Rivera Business License.

The City will not reimburse homeowners for any funds paid to the contractor prior to City approval.

The homeowner must actively participate in the bid process by obtaining bids from qualified contractors.  Although it is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain bids and select the contractor, the City may assist in the bid process by sending bid packages to qualified general contractors who are on the City’s Courtesy List of Contractors, and all other qualified contractors referred by the homeowner.  

The City may send out bid packages to all contractors on the Courtesy List, or utilize a rotating system.  The rotating system means that not all contractors on the List would receive packages to bid on all the projects.  Bid packages would strategically be sent out to ten contractors on the List, one at a time.  The next ten contractors would receive bid packages on the next project, and so on. 

  • The List is an aid in contractor selection only
  • Using a contractor from the List is not mandatory for Program participants. The homeowner may choose any qualified contractor who meets contractor requirements, even if they are not on the List.

Where can I locate my name on the waiting list?

Applicants are listed by the date we receive their application. Note that the waitlist is several years long (5+ years). The program is subject to funding availability.

How long do I have to wait before I am approved?

Applicants are pulled from the waitlist as funding becomes available. Unfortunately we are unable to estimate exaclty how long your wait will be. On average, the waitlist is 5+ years.

What will I need in order to get approved?

  • Copy of Grant Deed of property(s)
  • Income Verification – copy of last three (3) paystubs for all adults 18 years and older currently employed
  • Copy of personal Federal and State tax returns for the last two years to include W-2 and (supporting schedules and statements) for all household members.
  • Copy of school records, registration, or other documentation that will evidence student status
  • Bank statements – copy of last six (6) months bank statements for checking and savings accounts (all pages) or all household members
  • Mortgage payment stub or statement showing principle and interest paid monthly to include (1st and 2nd loans)
  • Property tax bill (showing property taxes you have paid for the current year)
  • Fire Insurance Policy (Declaration Page) – which indicates yearly premium and current expiration date
  • Utility Bills – Most recent light, gas, and water (showing name, address and current date)
  • Permanently Disabled or Handicapped – statement from doctor stating diagnosis and date condition occurred (if applicable)

How do I pay the contractor?

The City is a lending institution providing funds and insuring that the work billed for has actually been completed per Building Code prior to payments. There is no monetary exchange of payment between the homeowner and the contractor.   All payments are made through the City of Pico Rivera.

When do I have to start paying back the loan?

The Home Rehabilitation Loan Program provides financing with no monthly payments, at a 30-year 0% interest. Payments can be made in any dollar amount and at any time. The principal loan amount is repaid when the property is sold, transferred, refinanced, when the borrower is no longer using the property as a principal place of residence, at the 30-year maturity.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the Eligibility worksheet. If you meet the requirements please go to eligibility list.

Applications will be accepted by mail or walk in.