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Anonymous Tipsters Can Now Utilize the Internet

Administration officials at El Rancho Unified School District recognize that students are constantly using their cell phones and other mobile electronic devices. While this is a bad habit in the class room, it puts students in a unique position to immediately report suspicious activity, illegal acts, and/or dangerous behavior.

This school year, the District will launch C.L.A.S.S. – Crime Line Assisting School Safety. The program allows students to use the social media network Facebook for anonymous crime reporting. Messages will be sent to the district's completely private Facebook account linked directly to law enforcement smart phones.

Using the system is simple: Tipsters access the Facebook account where they will be directed to click "send message", type in the tip information and then press “send”.  Once a message is sent, it goes to one of the three District Police Officers or the Los Angeles County Sheriffs school deputy.  No “friend” requests are allowed and no one can access the “wall” where messages would normally be sent. 

The district’s Twitter account,, is used for emergency and non-emergency matters and to send safety tips to “followers.” The district’s Yahoo account,, is a simple email account where informants can send information just as they do through Facebook. All three accounts are highly secure and work in complete anonymity. 

For more information, contact Officer Luis Gomez at (562) 455-8754 or by email at