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Computerized Maintenance Management System RFP

Questions and Responsees

Question: Does the City intend on limiting software solutions to only web browser platforms or is it open to other options?

Response: The City desires a browser-based solution, or one that allows remote access by field crews to identify work, retrieve work orders, view asset attribute data, and report daily work entries.

Question: Exhibit A - Table 1: Item No. 13 references a Table 3 with implementation costs. We cannot find such a Table 3 mentioned elsewhere in the RFP. Please clarify.

Response: The reference was a typo and should instead indicate "Table 2" as the source of the implementation costs. Table 2 was included immediately below Table 1.

Question: Are demonstrations required to be in person, or will you allow for web-session demonstrations?

Response: Demonstrations will be required to occur onsite at Pico Rivera City Hall.

Question: Need some clarification with regards to GIS. GIS integration is listed as a minimum qualification and later it is noted that GIS has not been established for Public Works. If this is a future upgrade for Public Works, will you consider solutions for which this too will be a future upgrade?

Response: GIS integration capability is a minimum requirement for the selected system. Potential candidate vendors which are selected for the "short-list" demonstrations must be able to show a functioning GIS component that is integrated.

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