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City of Pico Rivera a finalist for "Most Business Friendly City"

For the third year in a row, the City of Pico Rivera is a finalistfor the title "Most Business-Friendly City in LA County." Pico Rivera and fourother cities with a population under 65,000 are in the running for the honor,which will be presented at the Los Angeles County Economic DevelopmentCorporation's 19th Annual Eddy Awards this November.

The City is being considered because of its efforts to workclosely with the business community, creating an approach that encourageseconomic growth while benefiting both the community and local businesses. Thisincludes several programs to enhance the appearance and safety of businesses,such as the Commercial Façade program and Business Watch. A Business AssistanceWeb Page was launched by the City this past month that enables new and existingbusinesses to easily access business-related resources.

Another program that is beneficial to local businesses is theCity’s Business Assistance Program. Features of this program include siteselection assistance, business workshops and regular surveys of small businessowners to determine their concerns and needs. An annual Mayor’s BusinessBreakfast provides businesses in the City with information on various resourcesand training available to them, while the Chamber of Commerce assists localbusinesses by hosting ribbon cutting ceremonies, mixers and business-relatedworkshops.

For more information about the programs available for localbusinesses, log on to Businesses webpage located on the City’s website.