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Public To Get A Sneak Peek At New Library

Advance Viewing
The public is invited to come take a look at the City's new library before it officially opens to the public. An advance viewing, hosted by the County of Los Angeles, is taking place on Saturday, September 21 at 11:00 a.m. The new library is located at the corner of Rosemead Boulevard and Mines Avenue.

Construction Progress
Construction crews are busy preparing the library for its anticipated grand opening sometime this December. Inside, workers are installing ceiling tiles as well as running electrical and networking cables throughout the building. Aesthetic touches, such as art work and wall décor, are also being mounted throughout the building to make the library a vibrant and visually stimulating environment.  

The building’s façade will be made up of unique Trespa panels, which are set to be installed in the next few weeks. Final exterior touches will include planting of landscaping materials as construction winds down.

Construction of the new library is a joint effort between the City and the County of Los Angeles, with the City’s share of the costs coming from the 2009 Vital City Services Bond. When completed, the 16,000-square-foot building will be nearly three times the size of the previous library and include a variety of state-of-the-art amenities.

Express Library
The Pico Park Express Library, 9528 Beverly Blvd, will continue to operate until the new library is open. For more information about the advance viewing or about the Library project in general, call 562.801.4388.