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Safe Routes to School Making Streets Safe for Our Kids

Pico Rivera's Safe Routes to School project is up and running at all eight elementary schools and three middle schools in the El Rancho Unified School District.

Parents at all eleven schools have been hard at work organizing fun and educational events focused on biking and walking. In April, each school hosted a "Talk the Talk" training session for adults and students. Parents and guardians were taught how to bike and walk safely with their kids, as well as how to drive safely in school zones. The kids had their own training session on bicycling and pedestrian skills, including hazard avoidance and how to interact with traffic.

Upcoming events

This month, schools are hosting Bike and Walk to School Days and other activities for National Bike Month. On June 21, the City will be hosting a community-wide Bike Safety Festival to kick off the summer. The festival will include bicycle safety checks, skills courses and many more fun bike-related activities.

More information about Safe Routes to School events coming to your school is available by visiting the City's webpage

The Pico Rivera Safe Routes to School project aims to create safer conditions for students walking and biking to school, reduce congestion during drop-off and pick-up times, educate parents about safe driving behaviors and improve the health of students through increased physical activity.

If you are interested in improving biking and walking around your school or have questions about the program, please contact the Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Jessie Holzer, via email at or by calling 949.292.2615.