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Community Invited to Discuss General Plan Update

Residents and business owners interested in helping shape the community's future development are invited to attend a General Plan Update Community Meeting on Monday, July 21 at 6:00 p.m. The discussion will be held at City Hall as part of that evening’s regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting.

As with all California cities, Pico Rivera’s General Plan provides City officials with guidelines for addressing a wide variety of issues, such as physical development, economic growth and social well being. Once adopted, the General Plan is the principal tool used by the City to evaluate land use proposals and the type and level of municipal services provided to the community. 

State law requires that each city’s General Plan be updated periodically. This ensures the Plan remains in compliance with State regulations and is consistent with any changes in local and regional planning efforts. Most importantly, the General Plan should be updated to reflect the community’s current vision for managing future growth and change, maintaining quality of life and providing services within Pico Rivera.

Obtaining input from residents, business people and property owners is a crucial part of making sure the General Plan is updated in a way that accurately reflects what the community needs, wants and believes is important. 

For more information about the Community Meeting or the General Plan, visit the General Plan Update website or call 562.801.4332.