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Cops and Kids Buddy Card

The Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Station and the Pico Rivera Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to create the “Cops and Kids Buddy Card” program.

The "Cops and Kids Buddy Card" is a program designed to encourage interaction between elementary and middle school aged children. Youths are issued a card that has a picture of either a LASD Motorsports vehicle or a cartoon character police car.  The card has spaces for ten signatures on the backside.  Children are encouraged to approach deputies when they see them and ask for their signature on the card.  Once the card has ten signatures, the child can walk into the lobby of Pico Rivera Sheriff's Station located next to Pico Rivera City Hall, and redeem the card for a prize. 

"The Cops and Kids Buddy Card" encourages young people to build trust and interact with deputies in a fun way.

Local businesses can get involved by donating prizes and creating a partnership for this program.

As the program is implemented in the City, all businesses are welcome to partner with the Sheriff’s Department and Chamber and donate prizes or become a Corporate Sponsor.

For more information about sponsorship, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 562.949.2473.

For more information regarding the “Cops and Kids Buddy Card” program, contact the Sheriff’s Station at 562.949.2421.