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City Offers Free Sand for Sand Bags

Residents concerned about flooding as a result of the predicted heavy rains in the coming months will be able to fill up on sand for free. The City will be offering free sand to residents at the City’s Public Works Maintenance Operations Facility, located at 9633 Beverly Road.

Residents will be able to fill their own sand bags at the City’s yard, however the City will not be providing sand bags. Sand bags are available for purchase at any hardware store or free from local fire stations in the City.

Sand will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis through the rainy season, and residents must bring their own shovel or other tools to fill the sand bags.

Positioning Tip: When positioning sand bags, residents should place half-filled sand bags in alternating rows and parallel to the direction of water flow. The open end of a filled bag should be folded over, not stitched or tied.

For more information, call 562.801.4330.