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Mazatlan Joins Pico Rivera in Sister City Relationship

The City of Pico Rivera recently hosted delegates from the City of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, to commemorate the beginning of a new Sister City relationship between the two Cities.

During the three-day visit held last month, the Mazatlan delegation, led by Mayor Carlos Felton González, learned about the City of Pico Rivera’s local economy by touring local manufacturers and meeting with different community stakeholders.

The delegation also participated in a Round Table Discussion centered around the economic, educational and banking sector partnerships that will serve as the foundation of this sister city relationship. To that end, representatives from local manufacturing facilities in Pico Rivera attended the event to speak on the potential for business to business relationships with the City of Mazatlan.

Banking representatives also attended to discuss the need to align the financial products available to our mutual residents between local and foreign banking institutions, specifically in Mexico, to streamline the international remittance process and offer access to capital for our businesses.

Officials from both Cities expressed the need to further explore educational and cultural exchanges between the two cities.

Following the Round Table Discussion, the delegation was taken on a tour of the Port of Los Angeles to showcase the magnitude of port volume and explore the possibilities of creating a fruitful partnership between the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Mazatlan in the future.

Through this Sister City relationship, the two cities hope to contribute to each other’s economies by enhancing foreign trade relations and expanding the local economic interests for both Cities.

“This is a historic day for Pico Rivera,” said City Manager René Bobadilla during the official signing ceremony. “We are not just looking to enhance the cultural and educational exchange between Pico Rivera and Cities around the world, but to further the economic and social interests of our community to help advance the objectives and aspirations of our residents for years to come.”

The City of Pico Rivera continues to maintain its Sister City relationship with San Luis Potosi, the City’s first Sister City relationship, and hopes to add another Sister City partnership in the coming years.