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State Needs Volunteer Drivers for Pilot Program

Roads are a critical component not only to a City’s infrastructure, but the State’s as well.  Funding for road maintenance is provided by taxes collected when drivers purchase fuel.  However, because of improving fuel economy, less fuel is sold and the State’s income from motor fuel taxes is on the decline.  State officials estimate that by 2030, as much as half of the revenue that could have been collected will be lost as fuel economy continues to rise.

In response to the decline in fuel tax revenues, the State of California has created a Road Charging Pilot Program.  Road charging is a funding source where drivers pay to maintain the roads based on the miles they drive, rather than the amount of gasoline they consume.

The pilot program, created by the Technical Advisory Committee under the California Transportation Commission, will illustrate firsthand the advantages, disadvantages, challenges, and opportunities of road charging.

In order for this program to provide the necessary results, the State is recruiting 5,000 volunteers to participate in this nine month pilot program.  Participation is free and participants will be given a variety of manual and technological choices for reporting the miles they travel, as well as a choice for submitting simulated payments.

The pilot program is set to begin in Summer 2016. To sign up for the program or for more information, log on to the program website at