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City Launches New Magazine

A new voice has been added to the outreach efforts of the City of Pico Rivera. The City recently released the first issue of the Pico Rivera Magazine.

The Magazine features in depth articles and interviews with local business leaders and members of the community. It will give the City an opportunity to tell the stories of the community for the community.

“It was an all-out effort by our Marketing Team to bring this publication together,” said City Manager René Bobadilla. “This magazine will touch on amazing stories of interest that what will make this publication so appealing.”

The Magazine will contain original articles that are unique only to Pico Rivera. Many articles will focus on Community Leaders who have made a difference here in the City, City Organizations that provide services to residents, and highlights of local restaurants and new businesses that have become part of the Business Family here in the City.

Each publication will also include an in depth feature story from the Community or the Business Community that includes a comprehensive photo spread which will make the feature story as well as the other articles appealing to the reading audience. The overall goal of the magazine is to present the City in a different light and telling the stories from a different perspective.

Online Magazine

To accompany the new magazine, a separate website was launched, The website offers more insight into the stories that were published. One way of doing that is by linking the published story with a QR code. Using a mobile device, scanning the QR code from the magazine will take readers to the magazine website where the linked story will be enhanced with video interviews and photo spreads. The Magazine’s website will also include current stories from the community and previews of upcoming stories that will be featured in the Magazine.

“It’s truly amazing what we will be able to bring to the community” said Bobadilla. “Our residents will be impressed with the content and innovation in both the magazine and the website.”

The website along with all of the content including stories, photography, illustrations, and videography will be managed by the Marketing, Media & Communications Division Staff.

Copies of the first edition of the Pico Rivera Magazine are NOW AVAILABLE at City Hall, the Parks and Recreation Office, the Senior Center, and all City Park Facilities. The next edition will be available in the summer.