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Watch Out for Unwanted Address Painters

Reports have been coming into City Hall about groups and individuals re-painting curb addresses and then asking residents to pay for the unsolicited service.

If someone offers to paint your house address on the curb, please ask to see a City of Pico Rivera permit. Pico Rivera Municipal code 5.56.010 specifies that no person shall place or cause to be placed or painted upon any public curb any house number unless a permit has been obtained. It is illegal to paint the curb without this permit.

Homeowners are reminded that should any one come to your door and ask if you would like your house numbers painted on the curb, you have the right to deny the request and are not required to pay them if they perform the work without permission. If someone paints your house address on the curb without your approval and then requests payment, you do not have to pay. NEVER pay first before the curb is painted.

If someone offers to paint your house address on the curb and cannot provide a copy of the City of Pico Rivera Permit, please notify the Department of Public Works at 562.801.4415.