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2017 Christmas Basket Registrations

Families interested in receiving a Christmas basket from the Pico Rivera Christmas Committee must pre-register at one of the registration events taking place next month. A list of the dates, locations and times is shown below.

To qualify for a basket, recipients must be residents of Pico Rivera and meet income requirements. Families with one to four persons must have a monthly income of less than $2,000, while the income for families of five or more must be less than $2,500.

Applicants must bring the following items when they register:

  • Applicant’s photo identification (California I.D., driver’s license, etc.)
  • Identification of all children in the household (social security card, birth certificate, school I.D., medical card, or proof of guardianship, etc.)
  • Proof of income (recent pay stub, general relief, social security, etc.)

Registration to receive a holiday basket will take place at the following locations:

Wed, Nov.1     St. Hilary Church, 5465 Citronell Ave.           9AM-12PM

Thurs, Nov.2   St. Hilary Church, 5465 Citronell Ave.           9AM-12PM

Fri, Nov. 3        St. Mariana Church, 7922 Passons Blvd.     9AM-12PM

Mon, Nov. 6     Rivera Park, 9530 Shade Lane                     9AM-12PM

Wed, Nov. 8     Rio Hondo Park, 8421 San Luis Potosi Pl.    9AM-12PM

Thurs, Nov. 9   St. Francis Church, 4245 S. Acacia Ave.      9AM-12 PM

Tues, Nov. 14   Montebello Gardens Elem., 4700 Pine St.    9AM-12 PM

Wed, Nov. 15    Smith Park, 6016 Rosemead Blvd.               9AM-12 PM

Thurs, Nov. 16  St. Francis Church, 4245 S. Acacia Ave.      9AM-12 PM

Fri, Nov. 17        Senior Center, 9200 Mines Ave.                   9AM-12PM

*Sat, Nov. 18      Pico Park, 9528 Beverly Blvd.                      9AM-12 PM

*Last day to submit a registration is Saturday, November 18.

For more details, call the Department of Parks and Recreation at 562.801.4430.