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Pico Rivera City Council Moves to Censure Councilmember

The Pico Rivera City Council moved to censure Councilmember Gregory Salcido today over his disparaging and disrespectful comments about veterans and those who are currently serving in the U.S. Military. The comments were made by Salcido before students in a classroom at El Rancho High School, where he serves as a history teacher.  His comments were recorded by a student who felt he was being bullied for wearing military-styled clothes, which went viral bringing negative national and international attention to the school district and the City of Pico Rivera.

The resolution was introduced by Mayor Gustavo Camacho with support from two other councilmembers including: Councilmember Bob J. Archuleta and Councilmember David W. Armenta and included strong wording that urged Councilmember Salcido to resign his position immediately, so the City of Pico Rivera can begin healing from his devastating, disgraceful and demoralizing comments.  Additionally, the City Council urged Councilmember Salcido to apologize for his inappropriate comments, which have offended numerous residents, families and military veterans of Pico Rivera. The resolution passed with a 3-1 vote with one abstention from Mayor Pro tem Brent Tercero. 

“We, the elected governing body of the City of Pico Rivera, unequivocally disagree and denounce the recent comments made by Councilmember Salcido regarding those individuals who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military,” said Mayor Camacho.  “Additionally, we totally reject the bullying of any individual particularly by a person in the position of authority. Every person is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.”

“The City Council and residents of Pico Rivera have strongly united overwhelming to come together to condemn Councilman Salcido’s comments and have coalesced in steadfast recognition that the contributions by those who have served or are currently serving our country via military service are respected and we are grateful for their service,” Mayor Camacho said.

The City Council also expressed that Councilmember Salcido’s comments have impacted the City’s ability to receive funding for essential public services, affected the City’s ability to attract and retain businesses, and in general placed the City in a negative and damaging light.  The Council also wanted to articulate that, as a body, it does not share, endorse or support the personal views expressedby Councilmember Salcido and does not support the practice of bullying of vulnerable and impressionable students, employees and residents of Pico Rivera.  The Council also voiced that every human being should be treated with the outmost respect and dignity.

“The city council has united with the community in its universal condemnation of Councilmember Salcido’s demeaning and disrespectful comments about our veterans and those currently serving in the military,” said Councilmember Armenta. “I am personally supportive of our veterans and those currently serving in the military having had members on both side of my family who answered the call to serve our great nation, including my father who proudly served as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne division and then the 82nd Airborne. My support and sentiments will always weigh in on the side of our veterans and the men and women who proudly serve our country.”

In addition to the censure of Salcido, the City Council also moved to remove him from any City committees effective immediately, until further action is taken by the City Council to remove this sanction.  Finally, Councilman Salcido was removed from and cannot serve in any positions, committees or boards for outside agencies affiliated with the City.

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