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The City of Pico Rivera, the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the owners of the Corsica Apartment Building, which sustained fire damage Thursday evening, today assessed the damage to the property.

Officials announced the status of each of the four buildings on the site to determine if and when residents will be able to access or re-enter their apartment units. It was determined that:

Building A: Sustained no damage, however the apartment complex's master gas meter was destroyed in the fire and residents will be unable to return to their units until it's fixed, which will take 3-5 days. In the interim, the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department will escort residents to their apartments to pick up essentials. Once the gas meter is repaired, Southern California Edison will restore power to the building and residents will be able to return.

Buildings B and C: Sustained significant damage to the east end of each building and those units will be red-tagged, but the remainder of apartments were undamaged. However, staircases that provide access to these were destroyed in the fire and must be rebuilt for residents to access their units. The property owners say they will rebuild the staircases in the next several days so those residents can return to their units.

Building D: Sustained the most fire and water damage as a result of the fire and has been completely red-tagged and there is no access to residents.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reports that the cause of the fire is most likely related to plumbing work being performed on site. At this time, authorities believe that the fire does not appear to be criminal in nature.

The City of Pico Rivera is working with the property owners to provide hotel vouchers for residents displaced in the fire as long as needed. The City and American Red Cross will also staff a shelter at Rivera Park, located at 9530 Shade Lane, and provide food, snacks, clothing and personal hygiene items as long as needed.

In addition, City officials says that they could use the following donations: 

1. Cell phone chargers

2. Dog food

3. School supplies

4. Pet leashes

5. Lip balm

6. Hair brushes

7. Men's under shirts

8. Women's undergarments, plus sizes

9. Bath towels

10. Vapor rub

11. Volunteers to sort clothing donations

For more information, displaced residents may contact the City's Fire Victim Resource Center at 562 801-4454.

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