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City to Offer Bike Share Program

In an effort to make Pico Rivera more environmentally friendly while providing residents with a dependable transportation option, the City will be introducing a one-year pilot Bike Share Program through OFO US Limited Co (OFO). This Program will enable residents to rent a bike at a bike share location and bike to their destination for as low as $1 per hour.

OFO currently operates in 180 cities across 17 countries and has provided 200 million riders with over 4 billion rides. The OFO platform and service provides a biking option at a low cost for users while lowering carbon emissions, fostering a pedestrian friendly environment and encouraging health and wellness. The technology is managed through a smartphone application that allows users to locate shareable bikes throughout the City, scan and unlock the bike with their phone, ride to their destination and lock the bike to end their ride.

Locally, OFO operates in the City of Bellflower with more than 30 bike share locations. Within two weeks of the program’s implementation in Bellflower, OFO had served over 1,500 bike trips. The City of Pico Rivera will begin the one-year pilot program with a total of 120 bikes distributed at six City locations.

A ribbon cutting ceremony officially launching the program will be held on Tuesday, April 24 at Rivera Park beginning at 11:00 a.m.  During this time, four locations throughout the City will go live. These locations include: Streamland Park, Rivera Park, Smith Park/County Library, San Gabriel Spreading Grounds (Mines Avenue East Entrance).

During the duration of the pilot Program, OFO will be responsible for staging and rebalancing bikes from areas of surplus to areas of need (each bike contains a GPS system to track lost bikes and deter theft), daily patrols to move improperly parked bikes, daily maintenance of bikes in need of repairs and tune-ups, and a 24/7 customer support hotline.

The program will be monitored and evaluated throughout the year and the data collected will assist City staff and OFO in determining future feasibility and benefits to the residents of the City of Pico Rivera.

To sign up and to download the app for your mobile device, log on to or you can download the app straight from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.