Section 8


Notification of Adoption of Waivers from HUD Notice PIH 2020-05

Notificación de Exenciones Adoptadas para el Comprobante de Elección de Vivienda PIH 2020-05

The Pico Rivera Housing Assistance Agency administers the Housing Choice Voucher program more commonly known as Section 8 rental assistance. The Section 8 program is federally funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Eligible very low income families receive a Voucher from the Housing Agency and are able to select a decent, safe, and sanitary unit of their choice to rent. The participant families pay a portion of the household income in rent and the Housing Agency subsidizes the remaining portion which is paid directly to the property owner each month.

Applications are currently not being accepted for the Section 8 program. The Pico Rivera Housing Assistance Agency will announce the reopening of the waiting list at least ten (10) business days before accepting applications. Public notice will be given by publishing in the local media (i.e. Whittier Daily News, Pico Rivera PROFILE, the local cable company, and this website.)



The Pico Rivera Housing Assistance Agency offers the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program as part of  the Section 8 program. The FSS program is a five year plan developed by the participant in setting goals (usually educational and/or career oriented) that lead to self-sufficiency. Every time their income increases due to their progress, so does their rent portion. The FSS program matches the increase and deposits it into an escrow account. The participant may request to graduate when all goals are met, is employed full time and is free from welfare assistance for the last twelve months.