Planning Commission

The Planning Commission assists in developing policies for land use, zoning and the City’s General and Specific Plans. The Commission is appointed by the City Council to carry out a variety of delegated functions. State law sets out the areas over which the Planning Commission has authority, either as a decision-making body or advisory to the City Council.

The Commission is responsible for recommending broad development policies to the City Council, and once adopted in the form of the City's General Plan, for reviewing development applications for their conformance to the General Plan. The Commission acts as an advisory body to the City Council on applications for subdivision of land (including condominiums) and, absent an appeal to the City Council, is the final authority over a variety of discretionary development applications. These applications include conditional use permits, variances from the zoning regulations and the environmental assessments of such applications, as prescribed by law. The Commission also sits as the review panel for state and federally mandated documents.

The Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Meetings are open to the general public. Please call us to confirm if a meeting will be held.

Qualifications: Each of the five (5) Commissioners shall be a resident of the City. Each member of the City Council shall appoint one representative to the Commission, whom shall be confirmed by the City Council.

Current Commission Members

  • Edgar O. Estrada, Chair

  • Monica Villalobos, Vice Chair
  • Esther Celiz, Commissioner
  • Aric Martinez, Commissioner
  • Vanessa Martinez, Commissioner

To view Planning Commission meeting agendas, please click here.

To view Planning Commission meeting minutes, please click here.