Memorial Bench Program


The City of Pico Rivera’s Memorial Bench Program provides an opportunity for residents to honor and recognize those close to them who have passed away by placing a Personalized Memorial Bench at one of the City’s park sites.


• A one time donation of $3,500 is collected for a new bench with inscription to be installed at a City park site selected by City staff. 

• Inscription can read “In Loving Memory of” or any other sentimental inscription. • The donation includes site preparation, installation, and the purchase and maintenance of the bench for a 10 year period. 

• The maintenance of the bench site will include graffiti removal, paint touch up if necessary, and periodic cleaning. 

• The site will be maintained on a regular basis in accordance with the regular maintenance schedule of City park sites and facilities. 

• Should the bench become damaged beyond repair within the 10 year period, the City will replace the damaged bench at no cost to the applicant.  After the 10 year period, the City will continue to maintain the site and will keep it serviceable for as long as possible until such time it needs to be removed due to, but not limited to wear and tear, City projects, or damage.


Order time for the bench is approximately 6 - 8 weeks depending on availability from vendor.  Upon receiving the bench, the City’s Public Works Department will make the proper arrangements for site preparation and installation within 30 days.  The City will then notify the applicant of available installation days should they choose to attend the installation and take photographs.  A City photographer will be on site for the installation. 


Installation site will be determined by City staff based on available space at one of the City's Park Sites.


Memorial Bench Application

Please return to Gabriel Castorena at the Department of Parks and Recreation Office, 6767 Passons Boulevard.


Gabriel Castorena 
6767 Passons Boulevard
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
(562) 801-4217