Public Safety

Street Sweeper 

Street Sweeping Citations are currently in full effect.  For questions, please call 562.801.4413


Inclement weather does NOT automatically cancel street sweeping for the day.  Please adhere to your street's parking sign to avoid receiving a Street Sweeping Citation.  For cancellation inquiries relating to inclement weather, please call 562.801.4413.

Barrido Residencial de Calles

Las citaciones de estacionamiento están actualmente en plena vigencia. Si tiene preguntas, llame al 562.801.4413


Las inclemencias del tiempo NO cancelan automáticamente el barrido de calles durante el día. Por favor adhiérase a la señal de estacionamiento de su calle para evitar recibir una Citación por Barrido de Calle. Para consultas de cancelación relacionadas con las inclemencias del tiempo, llame al 562.801.4413.


The Public Safety Division is responsible for parking enforcement, Inoperable Vehicle Program, graffiti restitution, residential parking permits and administering the sweeper contract:

  • Parking Enforcement - The City is responsible for enforcing the Pico Rivera Municipal Code and California Vehicle Code. Parking Enforcement Officers issue approximately 2,200 citations per month, generating approximately $1,300,000 in revenue per year. This revenue is funneled back into the City’s general fund and used to fund other services, such as recreation programs and street repairs.
  • Inoperable Vehicle Program – Parking Enforcement is responsible for administering the Inoperable Vehicle Program. Removal of these vehicles from residential properties insures the city maintains a clean and safe environment for its residents.
  • Graffiti Restitution – Public Safety Division oversees the collection of court-awarded Restitution in graffiti cases.  Working in conjunction with Public Works removal crews and the Sheriff’s Department, it has collected over $145,000 in reimbursements.
  • Sweeper Contract - Public Safety is responsible for administering the Street sweeper contract.
  • Residential Parking Permits – Public Safety oversees the creation and enforcement of residential permit parking areas.

Permits may be obtained from the City's Public Safety office located at 6615 Passons Blvd., Pico Rivera during the hours of 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.  Please note that City offices are closed on alternate Fridays, weekends, and major holidays.  You will need to present a valid driver's license and the current vehicle registration on the qualifying vehicle.  The address on your driver's license and vehicle registration must indicate the qualifying address.

A Parking Permit will be issued upon meeting all the requirements and payment of fee in the amount of $34.00.  If you are receiving Social Security or you are permanently disabled, you may be eligible for a fee waiver.  Valid documents will be required for consideration.

Vehicles parked in the affected areas not displaying a current Parking Permit during restricted hours will be issued a citation.

The Public Safety Office is located in City Hall at 6615 Passons Blvd., and can be reached at (562) 801-4413.