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Can I get a permit to become a street vendor?

No, the City does not permit street vending, even for special holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, etc. To report a street vendor, please call the Neighborhood Improvement Division at 562.801.4332 during regular business hours, or contact Sherriff's Station at 562.949.2421 during evenings and weekends.

Do I need a license to work from home?

Yes, a business license application is required for businesses which are operated out of a residential property. Note that home-based businesses typically involve a home office only, such as for phone calls, paper work, emails, filing and mailing only. For more inforamtion, please visit this page:

Do I need a permit to film in the city?

Film permits are required for all motion picture, television or commercial still photography projects on both public or private property within the City of Pico Rivera. Exemptions to a film permit are: News media working on breaking news stories; Non-profit organizations (those with Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code designation); and, all filming intended solely for private use (i.e., home videos, school projects, etc.). For more information, please visit this page: 

How much does a business license or permit cost?

Fees for the business license vary by the type of business and anticipated gross receipts.  For more information, please visit: or call the Business License Division at (562) 801-4329.

I have a business in the City and want to hold an outdoor/open-air event. Do I need a permit?

If your business is located in a commercial zone, you may be able to have the outdoor event at subject to approval of a Temporary Use Permit. Generally, businesses located in industrial zones are not able to have outdoor events. For more information, please contact the Planning Division at 562.801.4332.

I am a contractor and have a business office in another city. If I am doing work in Pico Rivera, do I need to obtain a business license from Pico Rivera as well?

Yes, a business license application is required for businesses located outside of the City that are conducting business in the City of Pico Rivera. Examples include, but are not limited to: contractors, subcontractors, handyman services (i.e., plumbers, electricians, and roof installers), etc. For more information, please visit this page:

I am looking for a new location for my business. Where can I find information on vacancies?

Information regarding properties for sale and spaces for lease is available at:

Note: This link and wesbite for available sites is not maintained by the City.

I want to start a new business in the City. What type of licenses do I need?

The City of Pico Rivera requires a business license whenever any revenue is being generated within the City. A business license is required regardless of the trade, profession or occupation and regardless of whether the main business address is located within the City. For information regarding business licenses, please visit this page: .

I would like to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for my new business. Who can I contact?

To request a grand opening/ribbon-cutting event, please contact Raymond Chavez at (562) 801-4368 or via email at

What business incentives does the city offer?

The City offers numerous incentives for both new and existing businesses. For information regarding the types of incentives available, please visit this page:

What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is a certificate issued by the City which authorizes the occupancy of a building for a specific business or purpose. A Certificate of Occupancy also signifies zoning approval, meaning that the business is located within an appropriately zoned property in conformance with the City’s zoning regulations. For more information, please visit this page: 

What kind of assistance does the City offer to new businesses?

The City offers numerous services to help your business on its road to success. For information regarding these services, please visit:

Where can I find the City's zoning map?

The City's zoning atlas is available here: 

Which major businesses are located in Pico Rivera?

To find out which major businesses are located in the City, please visit: 

Who can I call for zoning information?

For zoning information, please call the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332.