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Code Enforcement

What do I do if I receive a Notice of Violation?

If you receive a Notice of Violation, then the City has confirmed that a violation exists at your property. You must comply with the actions required in the notice and you must comply by the specified deadline. If the information on the notice is unclear, please call the Neighborhood Services Division and speak with the Officer assigned to your case.

What do I do if I receive an Administrative Citation?

If you receive an Administrative Citation, you must comply with the actions required and also pay the citation amount. Your compliance date to complete the "Actions Required" is specified on the citation. Payment of the citation is due within thirty (30) days from the date that the citation was issued.

Can people live in a garage, even temporarily?

No, garages are not constructed as habitable structures and shall not be used for living purposes at any time. Anybody that has converted their garage will be required to obtain the necessary permits to restore the garage to its original use. For information regarding the requirements to legally convert a garage, please contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332.

Can I keep an inoperative vehicle in my driveway?

No, inoperative vehicles located on a residential property can only be stored in a legally permitted garage.

Can I park my vehicle in my yard?

No, vehicles can only be parked on the street or in a legally permitted garage, carport or driveway.

How many dogs or cats can we have at our property?

Each single-family residential property shall have not more than three dogs and/or cats, or any combination of dogs and cats not exceeding three.

Do I have to maintain the parkway in front of my house?

Yes, you are responsible for maintaining the landscaped parkway area in front of your residence. Corner properties are also responsible for the parkway area along both street-facing sides of their property.

Am I responsible for pre-existing problems on a property that I purchase?

Yes, as the property owner you are legally responsible for all violations at your property, whether or not they existed prior to the date of purchase.

Can I place signs on street/utility poles, pedestrian walkways or parkways to advertise a special sale or event?

No, signage is prohibited on street/utility poles, pedestrian walkways, parkways or any other public right-of-way area. The City automatically issues Administrative Citations when such signage is found.

Can I place my portable basketball hoop or play equipment in my front yard, driveway or on the street?

No, portable basketball hoops and play equipment are prohibited from being stored in the front yard, on your driveway or on the street. This equipment can only be placed in the backyard and out of public view.

How do I file a complaint?

You may submit a complaint over the phone at (562) 801-4332 or in person during normal business hours at the public counter.

What information do I need to provide when I file a complaint?

When submitting a complaint, please ensure to have the exact property address as well as a detailed description of the violation and any other pertinent information. Complaints can be submitted anonymously via telephone or in person.

How long will it take for the City to respond to a complaint?

Our Neighborhood Improvement Officers typically conduct an inspection of the property within five (5) business days or less. The time frames for compliance vary; some cases are resolved quickly while others may take some time to resolve. Please note that all details and information regarding open cases are confidential and are not subject to public disclosure.  We appreciate your patience.

Do I need a permit to place a small, prefabricated storage shed on my property?

Detached storage sheds of any size (whether or not they are prefabricated) require Zoning Consistency approval from the Planning Division to ensure that the storage shed complies with setback and lot coverage requirements; these structures shall not have electrical or plumbing. Storage sheds of 120 square feet or larger, and storage sheds which are attached to structures, also require a building permit. For additional information, please contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332 or the Building Division at (562) 801-4360.

Do I need a permit to build a covered patio?

Yes, covered patios of any kind or size require both approval from the Planning Division and a building permit. For additional information, please contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332 or the Building Division at (562) 801-4360.