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Planning Residential

I want to add an additional utility meter (water, gas and/or electric) to my property. What do I need to do?

Only one meter of each utility is allowed per dwelling unit. If you have two or more legal dwelling units and would like to have separate utility meters for each, please contact the Planning Division or the Building Division at (562) 801-4332. The City must approve the installation of the new meter.

You cannot add a separate utility meter for illegal units, garage conversions, play rooms, rumpus rooms, pool houses, illegally split homes, individual bedrooms, guest houses, etc.

What is the Zoning and General Plan designation of my property?

To verify the Zoning and General Plan designation of your property, please contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332.

Is there a map showing all of these different Zones in the City?

A Zoning Map is available for your review at the public counter during business hours. If you need a map for your business or for research purposes, you can purchase one for a fee or you can view the map online by visiting the Planning Division's page and selecting "Zoning Map" from the side-naviation menu. 

Can I obtain a copy of my property’s site plan and floor plan?

The City may have a copy of a general site plan for your property within its address files; however in most cases there is no detailed site plan or floor plan. It is best to call or visit the public counter and review the address file.

What is required to construct an addition to my home?

Construction of an addition to your residence will require review and approval by various departments in addition to the Planning Division. The Planning Division's area of responsibility will be to verify that the proposed addition (whether it is a patio cover, an enclosed addition to the house, accessory structure, or a basic remodel) complies with the development standards (setbacks, lot coverage, height limits, parking, etc.) and architectural requirements that apply in your home's zoning district.

The Planning Division will need the following, at a minimum, to ensure an accurate review: a Site Plan, a Floor Plan and Elevations. All drawings must be to scale (either to an Architect’s scale or Engineer’s scale) with dimensions.

To determine the processing time, applicable fees, and submittal requirements, contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332. All applications must be submitted in person (not via email or mail) and payment of the review fee must be paid at the time that the plans are submitted for review.

For additional information, please contact the Building Division.

How do I find out what the setbacks are for my property?

The regulated distances to property lines and distances between structures are dependent upon your property's zoning. If you know the zoning for your property, you can find the setback requirements in Section 18.42 of the Municipal Code under the 'Property Development Regulations Chart'. If you do not know the zoning for your property, please contact the Planning Division and provide staff with your property's address so that they may be able to provide you with the setback information.

How many horses can I keep on my property?

Only properties within the Residential Estate (R-E) zoned district that have a lot size of 10,000 square feet or more may keep horses. For the first 10,000 square feet you may have two horses, and with each additional 5,000 square feet you may have one additional horse to a maximum of four horses. For example if a property was 21,000 square feet in lot size that property may have four houses; however if the property were 9,940 square feet that property may not have any horses.

Do I need Planning Division approval to expand my driveway?

Yes, you need Planning Division approval to expand and/or repave your driveway. You will need to provide a site plan either drawn to scale or have all dimensions identified and indicate where the driveway will be expanded and or repaved. Please contact the Planning Division for further details regarding driveway expansion regulations, which may include the required installation of a blockwall.

Do I need to submit plans and obtain permits if I want to replace an existing covered patio?

Yes, you are required to submit a site plan, a floor plan and construction details if you are replacing an existing covered patio. No work may commence until the Planning Division, Building Division and Public Works Department have given their approval and the property owner or contractor has been issued building permits.