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Planning Business

What is required to install a sign for my business?

All business signs (including building identification signage, window signage, banners and even sign re-facing) require the review and approval by the Planning Division and may also require a building permit. Since sign regulations vary by zone and by shopping center, it is best to contact the Planning Division and provide your business address as well as a description of the proposed sign.

Please note that window signage, banners and other promotional signage is not allowed in any of the City's industrial or residential-zoned properties.

What is the Zoning and General Plan designation of my property?

To verify the Zoning and General Plan designation of your property, please contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332.

Is there a map showing all of these different Zones in the City?

A Zoning Map is available for your review at the public counter during business hours. If you need a map for your business or for research purposes, you can purchase one for a fee at City Hall or you can view the map online by visiting the Planning Division's page and selecting 'Zoning Map' from the side-navigation menu.

Can I obtain a copy of my property’s site plan and floor plan?

The City may have a copy of a general site plan for your property within its address files; however in most cases there is no detailed site plan or floor plan. It is best to call or visit the public counter and review the address file.