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Cars & Parking

How can I get involved/attend a meeting?

To get involved, residents can attend meetings and learn about new parking laws that will be introduced and considered for amendment to the City’s parking regulation. Simply click on the, “notification” tab, add your contact information, and you will receive an email or phone call about upcoming community meetings and public hearings.

How long will the parking analysis take?

The parking analysis begun in February of 2019 with a field study of various locations to collect information about the City’s existing parking conditions. City staff estimates that newly enacted parking regulation will not go into effect until 2020 or possibly 2021. The reason for this amount of time is because we want to ensure Pico Rivera is closely studied and proposed changes to the parking regulation are analyzed and vetted with input from residents and business owners whenever possible.

How will this affect me as a resident?

When enacted, new parking regulation could be more impactful in some areas and less in other parts of the City. For example, if your neighborhood is not experiencing poor parking conditions, more than likely the new regulation will not directly affect your street. However, if your street is heavily impacted with poor parking conditions, new regulation will be implemented with the intent of providing relief to these areas of the City.

What is a parking analysis?

A parking analysis is the method that will be used to study existing parking conditions throughout Pico Rivera’s residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The information gathered during the field study portion will be helpful in determining the behaviors which lead to poor parking conditions in the City. Information gathered from the field study is necessary to identify comprehensive solutions that will provide relief in areas that are affected with poor access to parking. In addition, the parking consultant will review the City’s current regulation to ensure sufficient parking is required for a diversity of land uses including restaurants, retail shops, and industrial warehouse buildings.

Who will decide which changes are made to the parking regulation?

After careful consideration, the City Council will ultimately vote to decide which new ordinances are added to the City’s parking regulation. However, by attending meetings and providing input, residents can get involved with the process to ensure decision makers are aware of specific parking issues.

Why is a parking analysis necessary?

Pico Rivera was incorporated as a City in 1958 and since then, the way we live and travel has changed due to modernization and an increase in population. In addition, the high cost of housing in southern California is most likely a major contributing factor as to why many households are multi-generational and find it necessary to live together in order to meet the demands of costly mortgages and rent. It is for these reasons, and possibly other contributing factors, why parking has become constrained in many areas of Pico Rivera. A study of the City’s existing parking conditions will allow the consultant to identify issues and make recommendations as to how particular parking problems throughout the City can best be resolved.