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What's New

What are the new regulations for Promotional Advertisement (Banners/Flags/Pennants)?

On February 23rd, 2012, the City's new Promotional Advertisement regulations went into effect. These new regulations decreased the cost of the permit to $25 + $110 deposit (previous costs were $110 permit fee + $300 deposit). In addition to the decreased costs, the new regulations allow for businesses to post banners for up to 60 consecutive days (for a $50 fee), where as the previous regulations limited banners to only 30 days.

In order to address recent concerns regarding the over-proliferation of flag banners, the new regulations limit flag banners to only 1 per business, with a minimum distance of 50'-100’ between flags, a maximum of 7-days of display, as well as several other setback requirements.

Applications must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the posting of any signs.

For additional information regarding the new regulations, please contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332.

Are there any benefits for First Time Homebuyers?

The City of Pico Rivera, in collaboration with the Montebello Housing Development Corporation (MHDC), a nonprofit agency that administers housing assistance programs throughout Los Angeles County, will be announcing the details of a new program for first time homebuyers. Through a grant from the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development, MHDC will provide silent second mortgage assistance and other incentives to Pico Rivera residents to promote homeownership. MHDC and the City of Pico Rivera will in the near future be organizing a community workshop to discuss the details of the program with interested residents. The workshop is an eight-hour class and will involve the training and education in all aspects of homeownership including insurance, real estate and financing options.