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Contract Instructors

How do I become an instructor? Who do I contact?

All interested instructors must complete an Instructor Proposal which is located in the Instructor Handbook.  Return completed proposal forms to the: 

Department of Parks and Recreation

6767 Passons Blvd.

Pico Rivera, CA. 90660

Once your proposal is received you will be contacted for a meeting to discuss your proposed program. The Instructor Handbook will provide you with all the necessary information on how to become an instructor.  For additional information, contact the Department of Parks and Recreation at (562) 801-4430.

How much do instructors make per registrant?

Instructors receive 60% of all registration fees. 

What type of classes does the Department of Parks & Recreation offer?

The Department of Parks & Recreation offers a large selection of arts & crafts, dance classes, fitness & exercise, sports, and specialty programs. Classes are offered for all ages and skill levels.

May I speak to an instructor directly?

Instructor contact information is not available to the public, however if you wish to speak to a Instructor directly, contact the Department of Parks & Recreation at (562)801-4430 to provide your contact information. Recreation staff will provide the instructor with your contact information.

How do I find out what other classes my instructor teaches?

To view what classes a certain instructor teaches view our Parks & Recreation Guide.