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How to report broken playground equipment

Contact Public Works by calling (562) 801-4415.

I want to report gangs in the park

Dial 911 to inform the authorities of gang activity in the parks.

Can I do Court Order Community Services at your parks/facilities?

Yes, to sign up call La Mirada Volunteer Center at (562) 943-3177.

Where can I get a bus pass?

Applications for a Tap Card Bus Pass for Senior, Students and the Disabled can be obtained at the Parks & Recreation Department.  Applications are mailed or taken to the nearest MTA or Montebello Bus Outlets.  Tap Card Bus Pass are refillable each month at the Parks & Recreation Department from 30 days from first use.

How much do they cost?

The City of Pico Rivera offers it's residents a discounted price for qualified MTA Senior Bus Pass -  $7.00 Monthly,  MTA Disabled - $3.00,  MTA Students - $10.00,  MTA College/Voc. - $13.00,  Montebello Student  Cash Value (20-rides) $10.00,  Montebello Monthly - $25.00.

Where can I purchase a temporary bus pass?

Tap Card Bus Pass

Montebello Bus Lines
400 So. Taylor Street
Montebello, CA  90640

MTA Customer Service
4501 "B" Whittier Blvd.
East Los Angeles, CA  90022

Can anyone purchase a bus pass?

The City of Pico Rivera can only refill Tap Card Bus Passes to Seniors, Disabled and Students.

Can I purchase bus pass tokens?

No, we can only refill Tap Card Bus Passes.

If I lose/damage my bus pass, where can I purchase another pass?

A temporary pass can be obtained at any authorized outlet center.

Do you have bus pass routes for Montebello or MTA?

Yes, both at the Parks & Recreation Department and the Pico Rivera City Hall.

How can I contact Animal Control?

You can contact SEAACA (Animal Control) by calling (562) 803-3301.