Project Overview

The City of Pico Rivera is moving forwarding in delivering the vision of Whittier Boulevard as the new uptown Pico Rivera. The proposed Historic Whitter Boulevard Multimodal Revitalization Plan that will ultimately become “uptown Pico Rivera” will include all of Whitter Boulevard up to the City limits of Montebello to the west and Whittier to the East. The purpose of this project is not only to revitalize “El Camino Real” in the City of Pico Rivera with just pavement improvements, it will also serve as a catalyst to the ever-evolving modes of safer and healthier transportation options that are or will be available in the near future. The Plan is not only about revitalizing the road, but the area itself. Whittier Boulevard has long been seen as an economic gold mine with the opportunity for thriving businesses and housing along this historic road. Once the Plan has been completed, and the area transforms into Uptown Pico Rivera, it will be a change for the better, a change that residents will have a say in.

Project Partners

The City of Pico Rivera

The City of Pico Rivera and the Pico Rivera City Council have developed the holistic vision for Pico Rivera 2035, which includes the Historic Whittier Boulevard Revitalization program. The City will lead the implementation of the Historic Whittier Boulevard Revitalization program which will seek to reimagine and uplift our historic corridor into a resilient, walkable, people-oriented “uptown” featuring thriving businesses, housing and community spaces. City staff will embark on immersive and robust community outreach campaigns to educate residents and stakeholders, solicit feedback and integrate it into the plans for the future Historic Whittier Boulevard starting with the development of a Specific Plan and Multi-Modal Streetscapes Plan.

CivicWell (Formerly Local Government Commission)

CivicWell is a 501c non-profit organization that supports local elected officials, community organizations and government agencies in implementing policies that deliver sustainable, equitable and livable communities. CivicWell is partnering with the City of Pico Rivera to provide direct assistance through program management and project coordination services across multiple projects that collectively form the Historic Whittier Boulevard Revitalization program, a component of the larger Pico Rivera 2035. CivicWell is actively managing the development of the final Specific Plan and Multi-Modal Streetscape Plan for the Historic Whittier Boulevard Revitalization Program.

Day One

Day one is a 501c non-profit organization with over 30 years of experience conducting community outreach, facilitating community meetings, forming coalitions, and implementing community-driven strategies that promote healthy, active communities through evidence based policy and health-oriented city/urban planning. Day one specializes in meaningfully engaging communities and youth, especially among vulnerable and underserved communities. Day One will work directly with CivicWell to support community outreach, engagement and communication efforts under the Historic Whitter Boulevard Revitalization Program.

Mobility & Streetscape Plan

Whittier Boulevard Specific Plan

Business Improvement District

The PAD Park

Pio Pico Park Bridge/Trail

Electrical Box Art Program

Bus Shelter Improvements

Median Landscaping & Beautification

Eastside Open Streets Festival

Innovation & Design Lab

More information on these projects coming soon!

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