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Raul Elias is a product of Pico Rivera attending South Ranchito, North Park Middle School and graduating from El Rancho High School in 1968. As a student Raul was employed by the City of Pico Rivera Parks and Recreation Department. Raul continued his education receiving a football scholarship to Cal-State Fullerton.

Raul began a 29-year career in business in a large management consulting firm gaining business finance, organizational management, and marketing skills. Raul used these skills to become executive vice-president of an engineering and manufacturing firm. His business experience and reputation allowed Raul to start his own management consulting firm, the Elias Management Group, primarily operating between Los Angeles and Washington, DC. His clientele included private businesses, federal departments, and a foreign government.  Raul was appointed to the U.S. Department of Transportation Automation and Modernization Advisory Committee and the U.S. Department of Commerce Environmental Trade Committee and in 1997 was designated “100 Most Influential Hispanics” by Hispanic Business Magazine.

In 2005, Raul returned to his community to teach economics and law at his alma mater El Rancho High School. Since teaching, Raul applied his business skills to create one of the most successful K-12 anti-truancy programs in Southern California and juvenile justice programs in the State of California. Mr. Raul Elias was elected to the City of Pico Rivera City Council in November 2018.  His term will expire in 2022. 

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