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It's PRIME Time

Beginning on September 1, residents in the City of Pico Rivera will automatically be enrolled in the City’s new energy program, Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME). Under this program, this would allow the City to procure power on behalf of residents and businesses, at a much more affordable rate.

The innovative program, PRIME, is going to save our residents money and provide the City with the opportunity to provide energy at a lower cost, saving you money. And soon thereafter businesses will participate and they too will see savings.

PRIME has partnered with Southern California Edison (SCE) to provide PRIME customers with new energy options that hold a greater renewable energy content (See Options at Top).

The advantage of PRIME is that it is solely in the business of power generation. As a result, PRIME searches for the best deals on both conventional and renewable energy sources and offers them exclusively to PRIME customers.

As part of the program, SCE will continue to handle the infrastructure such as pole and line maintenance as well as read energy meters, bill and process payments, respond to service requests, and handle any power outages. Only the source and price of the electrons flowing to resident’s homes and businesses will change.

PRIME rates will be set annually by the Pico Rivera City Council, so PRIME customers will have a steady, predictable outlook on rates.

Customers who are on the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) program through SCE will automatically be enrolled in the program once they transition from SCE to PRIME.

“This will be a great energy alternative for our residents” said City Manager René Bobadilla. “Residents will not only be reinvesting in their community, but they will also have an opportunity to procure cleaner energy sources at an affordable rate. With so much uncertainty at the federal level, it is extremely refreshing to see local governments making positive changes towards minimizing their own carbon footprint.”

During the residential transition from SCE to PRIME, City owned facilities will also be transitioned and will be enrolled in PRIME Future, taking the lead from City residents who are opting into using 100% renewable energy. Those that opt into PRIME Future will be using cleaner energy and leaving a cleaner carbon footprint. The City’s transition from SCE to PRIME will be complete in May 2018 when businesses in the City are switched over to PRIME.

SCE customers who choose not to enroll in PRIME will have the opportunity to opt-out without penalty and have their electrical services remain with SCE. Full rate details plus opt-out and opt-up instructions will be available in English and Spanish at or by calling 1.800.GOPRIME.

Take a look at the informational video here.