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Youth Center Hero

About a month ago, a father came into Rio Hondo Park saying that he was unable to locate his young daughter. Recreation Leader IV Ashley Cooper quickly ran to the Youth Center to advise of the situation and request their assistance. Recreation Leader III Rosa Aguilar suggested we make use of the youth at the Center. All the youth in attendance went out into the park, looking for the little girl who was wearing a blue dress.

Teen Center youth Cesar Juarez was the last to join the search because he had to unlock his bike. He thought to himself, “She can’t be close; she has to be far because she’s lost.” Cesar, an aspiring detective and avid watcher of CSI, rode his bike approximately 100 yards to the far end of the park. Where, behind the backstop, he found the little girl. Immediately, he yelled out, “I found her!”

The little girl had become separated from her father when she wandered away with another girl with whom she was playing and she was sitting with her new friend’s family. Thanks to the quick and deductive thinking of Cesar Juarez, the little girl was reunited with her father.