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Next Phase of Street Resurfacing Underway

The ongoing efforts to repave all of our City’s streets continues to move forward with Phase H, the eighth phase of the Resident Resurfacing Project (RRP). This phase of the project brings us closer to the goal of resurfacing 80% of our City’s streets.

Streets to be resurfaced were selected based on a review of roadway conditions citywide, with those most in need of repair receiving the highest priority. The goal is to ensure all City streets are resurfaced before their pavement deteriorates and fails.

This phase will use $1.3 Million in Measure R funds, accompanying bond and grant money, including bond money from the Pavement Management Program, to resurface the affected residential streets.  Phase H of the Resident Resurfacing Project (RRP) is projected to begin in late August 2018 and be completed by September.  Information as to when specific streets are to be resurfaced will be provided by the Public Works Department posting signs in affected neighborhoods in the coming weeks.