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City Announces New Memorial Bench Program

The City’s Parks and Recreation Department recently unveiled a new program for residents who wish to memorialize a loved one who lived in the City.

The Memorial Bench Program will provide an opportunity for residents to honor and recognized those close to them who have passed away.  

The program includes a new metal bench with a personalized inscription that will be installed at a City park.  The bench will be maintained for 10 years  and includes replacement should the bench be damaged beyond repair.  After the 10-year period, the City will continue to maintain the bench for as long as it remains serviceable until it needs to be removed due to natural wear and tear, City projects, or damage.

To participate, a one-time donation of $3,500 is collected which includes the purchase of the personalized bench, site preparation, and installation.  Forms are available HERE and at all park sites and City Hall. 

For more information regarding the Memorial Bench Program, call 562.801.4430.