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New Oversized Parking Ordinance in Effect

In response to an increase in complaints regarding the parking of oversized vehicles on public streets in the City, officials have introduced a new Ordinance that is aimed at reducing the time an oversized vehicle can park on public streets.

The new Ordinance will prohibit an oversized vehicle from parking on a public street between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.  Oversized vehicles include recreational vehicles (RVs), box trucks, trailers, etc. that exceeds 18 feet in length, 80 inches in width or 80 inches in height.  

A 48-hour parking permit may be issued on a public street to a resident within the same block as long as the parking of the oversized vehicle does not create a public hazard.  No more than four permits will be issued within a calendar year.  

The Ordinance also includes exemptions for emergency stopping, a person making emergency repairs, and for emergency vehicles.  

For more information regarding the Oversized Vehicle Parking Ordinance, call the City’s Parking Enforcement at 562.801.4413.