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Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia to Host Tele-Townhall Meeting

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is hosting a tele-townhall focused on Economic Relief for individuals and small businesses.

The featured guests are Brad Miller, California Tax and Fee Administration,  Business Taxes Specialist; Julia Giarmoleo, U.S. Small Business Administration; Lila Fedler, Franchise Tax Board; Lisa Sitkin, National Housing Law Project, Senior Staff Attorney; Paul Riches, Assembly Insurance Committee Unemployment Consultant.

The Tele-Townhall will be held on  Tuesday, April 7 from 12 PM – 1 PM

Here's how you can participate.

                Call-in Number: 215-446-3649 or 888-557-5811
                                Access Code: 8767370
                Send Questions for Tele-Conference to: