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Official Response from Mayor Gustavo V. Camacho regarding the recent events involving the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd

Many of you like me have watched with great disappointment as a valid protest over the unjustifiable and indefensible death of George Floyd under the color of law was highjacked by fringe groups and hooligans with the express intent of looting, committing arson and creating overall mayhem.  This is really disappointing for me because it distracts from the overarching message of the public demand for justice for all and an end to racism in America. 

Over the last few days, we have seen our Country unfold into violence right before our eyes.  The catalyst was the actions taken by four rogue police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  First and foremost, as the Mayor of the City of Pico Rivera, I join with many of you in condemning the action of these police officers.  

I too am angry over the death of George Floyd committed by officers with a badge who were sworn to uphold the Constitution and provide protection for all regardless of race, religion or gender preference. This despicable act needs to be addressed in a court of law and under the public domain.  

Every day, we trust law enforcement officers to protect our lives, protect our Constitutional rights, and live up to the oaths they swore to uphold.  I am in disbelief in what occurred, and I offer my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the family of George Floyd. 

The City of Pico Rivera is an incredibly diverse City.  Our neighbors are our friends, they are our family, and more importantly, they are our community.  We have seen on several occasions, our community coming together, uniting for a common cause.  All done in a peaceful manner.   

Our Country was founded on several principals, including the right to peacefully assemble and exercise our right to free speech. They are our rights; guaranteed by the Constitution.  When these public gatherings become violent, the original intent is lost and it becomes a theater of mayhem and destruction.  It makes no sense to harm others or to destroy the property of others.  When you destroy someone else’s propertyor small business, you are destroying their dreams and their hard work.  When you harm someone, you negate the very reason for your protest. 

As many gathered over the last few days to protest, some did so in a peaceful manner, some did not. As protests come closer to the City, know that our Sheriff’s Department is ready to protect our City, our businesses and our residents. They are prepared to do whatever necessary of prevent destruction and turmoil.   

In response to this anarchy, the County of Los Angeles has declared a curfew this evening from 6:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M. tomorrow to provide for the public safety. I am urging all Pico Rivera residents to observe the curfew to provide for the safety of your families and neighbors.

As we continue to heal from the recent pandemic, we will also heal from these recent tragic events.  Our community will become stronger as we come together to honor the memory of George Floyd, peacefully.

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