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Local Ballot Measure to Increase Hotel Visitor Tax Proposed

The City wants to encourage all eligible voters to let their voice be heard and vote in the November 3 presidential election. This is a General Election and will include local elections and ballot measures, including a Hotel Visitor Tax increase, Measure TT, proposed for the City of Pico Rivera. Measure TT would enact a 5% increase in the transient occupancy tax, or the Hotel Visitor Tax, which is a fee assessed to visitors who stay in local hotels and other lodging establishments. This is estimated to generate approximately $100,000 per year for the City.

The focus of City Administration is to maintain the safety of residents and preserve the quality of life for Pico Rivera. To address these needs, the City of Pico Rivera has placed Measure TT on the November 3 ballot, which would generate additional revenue that could be used to:

  • Fund public safety, including police protection and emergency response services
  • Improve the cleanliness of public areas, such as sidewalks and streets
  • Provide other essential services and improvements in Pico Rivera

For more information regarding the Transient Occupancy Tax initiative, call 562.801.4332.


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