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Caltrans Awards City Grant Funding for Project

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is pleased to announce the release of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-22 Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program awards. A statewide total of 169 grant applications were received with requests totaling approximately $55 million for Sustainable Communities Competitive and Strategic Partnerships Grants. Of these applications, 59 were selected for grant awards, totaling approximately $21.5 million.  Of that $21.5 million, the City of Pico Rivera was awarded $332,000 plus a local match of $43,015 to fund the Historic Whittier Boulevard Multi-modal Revitalization Plan.

The project will utilize a community-based planning effort to: Establish a collaborative vision and cross-sector constituency committed to transformation of Whittier Boulevard into a high quality multi-modal corridor utilizing Smart Mobility Framework and Compete Streets principles; and, Develop community driven design concepts and implementation steps that improve conditions for walking, bicycling, transit and transit supportive development to serve the needs of all modes and users.

The City will partner with the nonprofits Public Health Advocates and the Local Government Commission to conduct an extensive public participatory process to identify strategies that improve safety and promote active modes of transportation, support first and last mile connections to transit, and promote infill and revitalization.

The plan fully supports state and regional SCS/RTP goals of reducing vehicle miles traveled and GHG emissions, maximizing mobility and accessibility, preserving and ensuring a sustainable regional transportation system, protecting the environment, and supporting healthy and equitable communities.