New Station in Downtown Pico Rivera Planned on Los Angeles-to-Anaheim Passenger Rail Corridor

All Aboard, Pico Rivera Station!

The intercity commuter rail corridor that connects Los Angeles Union Station to Anaheim in Orange County and the Perris Valley in Riverside County currently runs through but does not stop in Pico Rivera. Metrolink, Amtrak and eventually CA High Speed Rail operate through this corridor. Los Angeles Metro has initiated a feasibility study to strategically plan and develop a new passenger rail station in Downtown Pico Rivera, integrating the city as part of the Southern California passenger railroad network.

Artistic rendition of a passenger rail station, actual station design subject to community and stakeholder refinement

Rail Corridor Map

Proposed Station Location

Downtown Pico Rivera is being planned to include transit-oriented land uses, mixed-use zoning, development standards, art and design guidelines, and accommodations multimodal alternatives. The station location would be appropriately positioned on the south side of the rail corridor to ensure commuter rail access. The site is immediately adjacent to the Rio Hondo Class-I bikeway thereby facilitating connectivity to the regional active transportation network. The new station would also be near a regional north-south bus rapid transit line that is currently under study. The area is currently zoned General Industrial with aging buildings soon to meet their life expectancy.

Estimated Timeline

Station Feasibility Study Underway - Anticipated Timeline

Concept Station Designs

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