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The 2024 Legislative Platform was developed to support the successful implementation of the City’s adopted Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan serves as the roadmap to advance the City’s mission, vision, and values by aligning the City’s resources and activities, the City Council’s policy direction, and the desires of residents, businesses, and community stakeholders. The City of Pico Rivera will advocate for funding opportunities and policy priorities outlined in this Legislative Platform and establish the City’s position on matters emerging in the Legislature. The Platform is designed to be flexible and nimble, allowing staff to proactively and immediately engage, advocate and influence the Legislature where possible and as necessary at all levels of government.

Printed copies of the Legislative Platform available upon request. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (562) 801-4389.

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United States Senate, 118th Congress, 1st session, 2024 Tentative schedule

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2024 Tentative Legislative Calendar

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