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The Office of Sustainability is committed to creating a sustainable community by implementing environmental initiatives focused on renewable energy, materials management, emissions reduction, and air quality improvement through programs, projects, policies, and community involvement. The goal is to continue building a safer and healthier community. 

A photo overlooking the City of Pico Rivera superimposed with a City's Mission Statement

“To positively impact our community by providing excellent city services, facilitating responsible stewardship of resources, and actively engaging our residents, businesses, and visitors.”

The Pico Rivera Mission guides the purpose and pillars of the Office of Sustainability to produce motivated leaders that contribute to the improvement of our community and the conservation of its natural environment. Balancing objectives, determining opportunities, and implementing solutions frame the path to accomplishing our Sustainability goals. As programs and projects advance environmental stewardship, Pico Rivera will be more livable and resilient.

The Office of Sustainability will implement the City’s Mission through four components:

Internal: Policies, Best Practices, Education, and Integration into Department plans, programs, and projects. 

External: Community Participation, Community Events, Public-Private Partnerships, Collaborations, and Recognition.  

Priorities: Maintain competitive energy bill pricing for PRIME customers, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, Comply with State & Federal Climate Goals and Energy Goals, and Climate Action Planning.  

Tools: Climate Action Plan, General Plan, and Vulnerabilities Assessment. 

Why Sustainability?

In response to the ever-changing climate challenges, the State of California and federal agencies have adopted regulations to meet global temperature reduction goals with a sense of urgency; these regulations directly impact local government functions such as refuse collection, energy, water, procurement, economic development, and public infrastructure.

The City found that it needs a dedicated team that can integrate into and support all City departments to meet local, regional, state, and federal climate goals. For this reason, the City Council created the Office of Sustainability.

The Office of Sustainability is assigned to lead efforts within the City and change the perspective and projection towards our lived environment.


Victor Ferrer, General Manager

Office of Sustainability
6615 Passons Boulevard
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
(562) 801-4244


Phone Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday:
7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
(Closed Fridays)

Victor Ferrer


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