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The City of Pico Rivera has long been at the forefront of creating new, sustainable approaches to modern living. The City has been proactive in promoting power alternatives, renewable resources, and a balanced cycle of consumption and conservation. Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME) is the locally run, not-for-profit, public energy service created by the City of Pico Rivera.

PRIME is one of many Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Programs in California offering customers a choice for their energy provider and sources of electricity. There are three main functions of the PRIME operations: PRIME buys and builds clean energy supplies; Southern California Edison (SCE) delivers energy, repairs lines, and serves customers; and the customer benefits from cleaner energy, local control, and competitive rates.


The City of Pico Rivera acquired 2913 lights from Southern California Edison (SCE) and upgraded 3417 of 5320 audited fixtures from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Hallide, to brighter more efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

For this project, the City partnered with Tanko Lighting, a firm focused on providing technical solutions for municipal streetlighting to save taxpayer dollars through energy-efficient upgrades.

The City will save approximately $11.7M over the 20-year life of the project through rebates, energy savings, and reduced maintenance cost.

Streetlight Acquisition, LED Conversion, and Operations & Maintenance Project Snapshot

Total Streetlight Fixtures:                                          3,231

Total Cobra Head Fixtures:                                       3,078

Total Decorative Fixtures:                                         428

Total Year-1 Energy Savings:                                 1,794,297 kWh

Total 20-Year Energy Savings:                               35,885,934 kWh

Total Year-1 Cost Savings:                                      $566,601

Total 20-Year Cost Savings:                                    $11,725,640

Asset Purchase Cost:                                               $1,735,685

LED Conversion – Tanko Fees:                                $1,067,927

Net Project Cost:                                                        $2,517,830

Total Payback Period:                                                4.8 years

Streetlight Acquisition, LED Conversion, and Operations & Maintenance Project Snapshot

  • Total Streetlight Fixtures:                                              3,231
  • Total Cobra Head Fixtures:                                           3,078
  • Total Decorative Fixtures:                                             428
  • Total Year-1 Energy Savings:                                        1,794,297 kWh
  • Total 20-Year Energy Savings:                                      35,885,934 kWh
  • Total Year-1 Cost Savings:                                            $566,601
  • Total 20-Year Cost Savings:                                          $11,725,640
  • Asset Purchase Cost:                                                   $1,735,685
  • LED Conversion – Tanko Fees:                                    $1,067,927
  • Net Project Cost:                                                          $2,517,830
  • Total Payback Period:                                                   4.8 years

From October 2020 through February 2023, the City of Pico Rivera was one of eighteen cities that conducted a study with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to help six counties and 191 cities develop a plan and deploy Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to meet the State’s AB 2127 goal to have 5 million EVs on the road by 2030.

Components of the include:

  • Public Awareness
  • EV Site Suitability
  • EV Support and Adoption
  • Policy and Permitting
  • Tools and Guides for Infrastructure Planning

Southern California Electric Vehicle Charging Station Study

  • The City has partnered with Tesla to develop the Power Choice Program offering residents Rooftop Solar + Battery Storage.
  • Power Choice intends to make solar and battery solutions accessible to all homeowners regardless of income with no upfront costs and no credit check.
  • The Power Choice Program will also keep energy decisions local, increase renewable energy, and provide all participants with consistent and low energy rates for 20-25 years.

PRIME partnered with OhmConnect to help customers save energy and money through a gamified process that offers weekly rewards and gifts.

OhmConnect monitors the energy grid and notifies customers when demand is high and there is an opportunity to decrease energy usage and avoid using less efficient, expensive power plants.

Here’s how their actions work:

  • OhmConnect sends mobile or email alerts about once a week letting you know when to conserve energy.
  • You participate in “OhmHours” by intentionally reducing energy consumption for about one hour. This means shutting off the TV, lights, dishwasher, dryer and more.
  • The points you earn for your energy reduction can get cashed out or earn you gift cards and other prizes.

There are over 200 OhmConnect participants in the City’s service territory.

During the Summer of 2022’s extreme heat events, OhmConnect customers collectively saved 1.5 GW of energy, which helped reduce the demand to the electricity grid also minimizing power outages.

Visit OhmConnect to sign up and save. It’s free!

Get started with a $50 reward!

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