Working Towards a Sustainable Future

The City of Pico Rivera is surrounded by several state and interstate highways that form the backbone of the regional transportation network, including the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) to the south, the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) to the east, and the Pomona Freeway (CA 60) less than 2 miles to the north. Freeways, being major transportation arteries, have a significant impact on air pollution in the areas they traverse. This impacts the air quality in Pico Rivera immensely which is why the State has designated the City of Pico Rivera, a “Disadvantaged Community”.

Access the CalEnviroScreen 4.0 map below to view more of Pico Rivera’s scores compared to other communities.

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Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Ideally, the Climate Action Plan (CAP) serves as a roadmap to identify sustainability issues and propose implementable and measurable solutions that lead to positive results. The CAP should identify opportunities for economic and social gain through proposed mitigations and adaptations.

The CAP will incorporate several goals and objectives, one of the most notable being compliance with State greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets. The CAP also aligns with the State’s efforts to grow the capacity for local jurisdictions and regional agencies to respond to, withstand, and efficiently recover from adverse climate scenarios such as long periods of drought, extreme heat, and power outages.

City Plans​

The City of Pico Rivera has undertaken several significant environmental studies to plan future sustainability initiatives.

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