The easiest, cheapest, and most sustainable way to manage organic waste is to avoid creating it in the first place.

To reduce organic waste at its source: avoid over purchasing & over preparing;
serve smaller portion sizes; properly store & label food items. For remaining organic waste, consider alternative disposal methods:

» Use a kitchen food pail to collect food scraps.

» Recycle organic waste at home using a backyard composting system.

» Use NASA’s Green cart. Organic waste is processed for compost or anaerobically
digested to produce energy.

Bulky Pick-ups: Pico Rivera residents are eligible for 10 FREE bulky item pick-ups
per year, and up to 4 items per pick-up. These pick-ups can also be used to collect
electronics & corded devices. To schedule bulky item pick-up, contact NASA Services at 888.888.0388.

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