A program to re-stripe and make road markers more visible on some of the City’s major thoroughfares was completed over the Summer.

The Annual Signing and Striping Project included the restriping of Beverly Road from Fir Street to Durfee Avenue, and Rosemead Boulevard from Havenwood Drive/Manzanar Avenue to approximately 270-feet south of Whittier Boulevard.

These roadways were selected as the highest priority based on their condition and the amount of vehicular traffic on these roads. Signing and Striping improvements consist of restriping existing road striping and pavement markings, including limit lines and crosswalks, that are worn and faded.

In addition to the stripping and signing, rubberized wheel stops were installed at the intersection of Beverly Road and Olympic way to deter vehicles from doing “doughnuts” on streets.

Funding for the annual Signing and Striping Project is fully funded by Measure R funds.

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