Coyotes are smart adaptable canines that have learned to live comfortably alongside people in residential neighborhoods. Lately, residents have been spotting coyotes roaming City streets at night. Coyotes by nature will avoid human contact however, when people begin to unknowingly feedthem with open trash containers and left out pet food, coyotes lose their natural fear. Once this occurs, sightings will become more frequent and often dangerous, especially for outdoor pets.

If coyotes have been roaming in your neighborhood, make sure all trash is secured in the trash containers, remove sources of water, bring in pets at night, and do not leave pet food outside, and pick up fallen fruit and cover compost piles. As a reminder, although coyotes are not aggressive towards human beings, they are wild animals and if aggravated can respond in a potentially dangerous manner. If you spot a coyote, do not approach it or attempt to feed it, instead use the State’s reporting system at or call the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at 858.467.4201.

More information can be found at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website at

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