After 20 years, El Rancho High School has brought back the School’s Hall of Fame and the chosen Hall of Fame nominees were formally inducted during a ceremony held this past October.
The Hall of Fame was established in 1982 to highlight El Rancho High School alumni, and to motivate current El Rancho High School students.
Officials from El Rancho High School opened the nominee period for this year’s Hall of Fame class this past July. To have been eligible, nominees must have graduated more than 15 years ago and have achieved local, statewide, or national recognition. Some notable inductees include the late Honorable Gloria Molina, and the highly decorated retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective, Gil Carrillo.

Hon. Franz Miller,

Class of 1967

William Martinez,

Class of 1986

Kevin Perez Allen,

Class of 2000

In addition to these individuals, a special group of 27 students have taken their place in the Hall of Fame. These 27 went to serve our country in the Vietnam War and sadly never returned to El Rancho.

  • Ronald Leon Andres, Class of 1962
  • Ruben M. Armenta, Class of 1968
  • Frankie Avalos Barreras III, Class of 1964
  • James Albert Boda, Class of 1966
  • Barry E. Brown, Class of 1967
  • Arthur John Castillo, Class of 1968
  • Jesus Ernest Chavez, Jr, Class of 1966
  • Ronald H. Chilcott, Class of 1962
  • Frank John Cirigliano, Class of 1967
  • Ray Glen Desmond, Class of 1968
  • Sam Joseph Favata, Class of 1965
  • George A. Juarez, Class of 1967
  • Edward L. Lowe, Class of 1964
  • Tim Craig Nunnally, Class of 1965
  • Alfonso Olmos, Class of 1966
  • Ronnie Edward Pene, Class of 1966
  • Joe Ybarra Ramirez, Class of 1964
  • Raymond C. Ruiz, Class of 1964
  • Gilbert Solano Salazar, Class of 1965
  • Thomas W. Shaw, Class of 1969
  • Michael Owen Shelley, Class of 1965
  • John Raymond Stalter, Class of 1965
  • Ismael J. Valdez, Jr, Class of 1966
  • Jimmy Arellanes Vasquez, Class of 1963
  • Ignacio I. Villalobos, Class of 1964
  • Jose E. Villanueva, Class of 1968
  • Richard Edward Whiting, Class of 1965

For more information on the El Rancho High School Hall of Fame, call 562.801.7522

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